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UIF Claim process for retrenched Individuals

Retrenched individuals who have been contributing to Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) may claim for unemployment benefits.

The amount of money that can be claimed.

If one has worked for less than four years, one may claim for one day for every six days whereas if one’s contributions are more than four year’s one may can claim for a period of up to 238days. The maximum payout does not exceed 58% of one’s daily earnings.

UIF Claims, Unemployment Insurance fund, retrenched

To claim unemployment benefits you need to have:

  • An identity document (13-digit bar-coded)
  • Copies of last six pay slips
  • A document from the employer (UI19)
  • Service certificate
  • Documentation showing that one is registered a job seeker.
  • A completed registration form.
  • A copy of form UI-2.8 . This show for banking particulars;

Labour Department Centre

Claimants should take the above mentioned documents to the nearest labor Department Centre and submit them in person. They will be assisted with all relevant processes and information.

  1. Contact Offices for Department of Labour
  2. Amended Unemployment Insurance Act (Dept of Labour)
  3. Form UI-2.8 - Application to pay UIF benefits into banking account (PDF)

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