Retrenchment Assist
Are you a victim of unfair retrenchment? Do you wish to fight the retrenchment and claim for compensation? We offer you comprehensive solutions for all retrenchment related issues.


Retrenchment Assist

We specialise in assisting people who have been unfairly retrenched and wish to seek advice on claiming compensation.

We offer a comprehensive suite of retrenchment support services to people whose cases have been approved.

Difficult economic conditions do not allow employers to disregard fair practice when seeking to retrench employees. The retrenchment process is well codified in employment law yet thousands of employees’ lives are unnecessarily ruined by unfair retrenchment process.

Do not allow unfair retrenchment ruin your life. Contact Retrenchment Assist for friendly assistance. Our dynamic team of experts cover Employment Law, Industrial relations, Financial Management, Psychological services, and Change Management.

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We offer comprehensive retrenchment services which include:

  1. Expert Labour Law legal advice and representation to help you in your compensation claim for unfair retrenchment.
  2. We offer job search assistance for retrenched individuals.
  3. Offer Psychological counseling services for families of retrenched individuals.
  4. Free advice on Financial/Debt Management for retrenched individuals.
  5. Free advice on starting new career or starting new business.

Adjusting to a new lifestyle after retrenchment can be very stressful. Our team at Retrenchment Assist can help with all aspects of making a less painful adjustment. We understand the pain and trauma and disruption to one's life caused by unfair retrenchments. To find out more information on how we may help you with claim compensation for Unfair Retrenchment.


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Please send an email to with a brief account of your case as well as your contact numbers and we will contact you promptly, or sms "UNFAIR" to 33045.

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