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Are you a victim of unfair retrenchment? Do you wish to fight the retrenchment and claim for compensation? We offer you comprehensive solutions for all retrenchment related issues.

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Being retrenched can be a very traumatic experience.

This is made worse by the difficult economic situation and high unemployment situation that one is likely to face.

Most people depend on their jobs as the only source of income. Retrenchment will thus bring about untold misery to their children and families who dependant on that income for their daily needs.

If you have been unfairly retrenched, we can help you better manage your debts whilist we help you to fight for justice. We work with leading debt management companies to give you free advice.

Financial Management,
            Counselling, Debt Management

Contact us if

  • Wish to avoid being put on administration and insolvency
  • Wish are battling to meet monthly debt obligations
  • You are being harassed by lawyers and debt collectors
  • You wish to consolidate your debt and pay a single monthly payment.
  • Need advice on what is due you in terms of severance pay.
  • Discuss investment options and their tax implications.
  • How to hndle your pension benefits.

Getting your bearings after retrenchment can be very difficult. Our team at Retrenchment Assist can help with all aspects of claiming compensation regarding unfair retrenchment.

We understand the pain and trauma and disruption to one's life caused by unfair retrenchments. To find out more information on how we may help you with claim compensation for Unfair Retrenchment, please contact Retrenchment Assist. Our team of advisors are waiting assist you.

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